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419 289-1955

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696 CO Rd 1302
Ashland, Ohio 44805

Coin List

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.

Ashland County Fairgrounds
2042 Claremont Ave.
Ashland, Ohio 44805

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1 (5) Crisp Uncirculated $2 1976 Federal Reserve Notes

2 (9) Eisenhower Dollars all with luster

3 1943-P Steel Lincoln Cent uncirculated nice coin

4 (7) Eisenhower Dollars nice mix of dates and mintmarks

5 1897 Liberty Nickel better date

6 1975 & 1977 Mint Sets choice

7 1919-P Mercury Dime

8 1919-P&S and 1920-P&D Lincoln Cents

9 (15) Sacagewea Dollars all uncirculated nice lot

9A 1919-P & S Walking Liberty Halves Better dates

10 1918-D Lincoln Cent full strong wheat lines nice coin

11 1866 Shield Nickel

11A (5) Morgan Dollars choice

12 1935E $1 Silver Certificate

12A 1912-D,13-D,15-D,16-D&S,17-D&S,18-D&S,19-S Lincoln Cents

13 1943-S Steel Lincoln Cent uncirculated

14 1907-P Barber Dime full strong liberty great detail

14A 1923-P,D,S Peace Dollars choice

15 Complete Set Susan B. Anthony Dollars Just needs the variety

15A 1875 Silver Canadian Nickel

16 1916-D & 1917-D Lincoln Cents

16A 1924-S Lincoln Cent Semi-Key

17 1897-S Barber Dime better date

18 1909-P VDB Lincoln Cent uncirculated Nice!

18A 1909-P &1910-P Lincoln Cents both with full strong wheat lines NICE pair!

19 1914-D Lincoln Cent KEY

20 1883-S Morgan Dollar better date early "S" Mint

20A 1918-S Mercury Dime super high grade full lines in the fasces great wing and hair detail

21 1879-P Morgan Dollar full breast feathers great coin

22 10/1/1773 Pennsylvania Two Shillings Colonial Currency printed before the Declaration of Independence

23 1858 Flying Eagle Cent

23A 1922 “Plain” Lincoln Cent Possibly Die Pair 2(You be the judge) LOOK

24 1957A $1 Silver Certificate Crisp uncirculated nice note

24A 1932-D Washington Quarter KEY

25 1851 Large Cent

26 1827 Large Cent

27 (12) Presidential medals from the National Historic Mint Silver?

27A 1921-P Peace Dollar KEY

28 1892 Liberty Nickel better date

29 1887 Liberty Nickel better date

30 1884 Liberty Nickel semi-key

31 1884-S Morgan Dollar with some luster Hard to find this nice $6000 coin when uncirculated

32 1888-S Morgan Dollar KEY

32A (434) Wheat Cents

33 1899 $1 Silver Certificate great piece of history

34 1883-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS-63 Beautiful coin

35 1921-S Buffalo Nickel KEY

35A 1926-S Buffalo Nickel SEMI-KEY

36 1921-P Mercury Dime KEY

37 1917-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar Great feather and breast detail Nice coin

Lots 37A-37G is a great run of Semi-Key Barber Quarters

37A 1896-O

37B 1897-S

37C 1905-P

37D 1905-O

37E 1905-S

37F 1909-O

37G 1915-S

38 1916-D Buffalo Nickel better date

38A 1924-D Buffalo Nickel almost full horn nice coin

39 1915-P Buffalo Nickel Full Horn Super coin!

39A (8) Bankwrapped rolls of Lincoln Cents fun to search for varieties

39B (37) Indian Head Cents

40 1946-S/S Roosevelt Dime ANACS MS-64 Nice variety

40A 1889-O,90-O,1903-P Morgan Dollars choice

41 1942-P Walking Liberty Half Dollar FS 008.5 in the Cherry Pickers Guide another nice one

42 1984-P Lincoln Cent Double Ear Uncirculated Neat coin

43 1884-CC Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-63 another super Carson City Dollar!

44 1875-CC Seated Liberty Dime Carson City issue

44A Foreign Currency WWII Era nice lot

45 1911-D Barber Dime Strong liberty Fantastic coin hard to find with luster

46 1883 No Cent Liberty Nickel full strong liberty

46A 1896 Liberty Nickel better date

46B 1883 With Cents Liberty Nickel another nice date

46C 1913-P Type 2 Buffalo Nickel full strong horn great coin

46D 1920-P Buffalo Nickel another one with a full strong horn

47 4/3/1772 Pennsylvania Three Pence Colonial Currency Pre-Revolutionary War

48 1920-D Buffalo Nickel better date

49 1950-D Jefferson Nickel Brilliant Uncirculated KEY

50 1928C $2 U.S. Note

50A Foreign Currency Mostly uncirculated another nice lot

51 1922-D Lincoln Cent Semi-Key

52 1890-CC Morgan Dollar

53 (171) Wheat Cents all "S" Mint

54 1923 $1 Silver Certificate "Horse Blanket" Dollar

55 1846 Large Cent

56 1920-P,D,S Lincoln Cents

56A (4) 1922-D and (1) 1923-D Peace Dollars choice

57 1920-S & 1923-S Mercury Dimes nice lot

58 1909-P VDB Lincoln Cent another nice one

59 1909-date Lincoln Cent Set missing only the 09-SVDB,09-S,14-D,22 No D and 31-S

59A (133) Wheat Cents all in the 1920's and 30's

60 1946-date Roosevelt Dime Set

61 Complete Set of Franklin Halves All with nice luster SUPER set!

62 Almost complete set of Jefferson Nickels only missing most recent dates

63 1917-P Walking Liberty Half full strong date

64 1903,04,05,07 Indian Head Cents all full liberty

65 1853-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar

66 (4) Morgan Dollars choice

67 1930-S,31-P,31-D,31-S Mercury Dimes better dates

68 1932-P Washington Quarter with Nice luster

69 1934-P,35-P,35-D,35-S,37-P Washington Quarters nice early dates

70 1946-P,D,S,50-S,51-S,52-S,53-S54-S,55-P Roosevelt Dimes all better dates

71 1928-P,D,S Standing Liberty Quarters full strong dates

72 1929-P,D,S Standing Liberty Quarters full strong dates

73 1930-P,S Standing Liberty Quarters full strong dates

74 (6) Silver War Nickels

75 1920-P&S Walking Liberty Halves

76 1903-P Barber Half Dollar

77 (9) Mercury Dimes 1920-1925 most are mintmarked nice lot

78 (7) Mercury Dimes 1916-1919 most are mintmarked another nice lot

Lots 79-82 are better date Franklin Half Dollars

79 1948-D

80 1949-P

81 1949-D

82 1951-S

83 (2) 1922-S and (3) 1923-S Peace Dollars choice

84 1923-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar better date

85 1917-P & 1944-P Walking Liberty Halves

86 1943-P Steel Lincoln Cent another nice one!

87 (366) Wheat Cents

88 1909,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19 Lincoln Cents nice early date run

89 (15) Franklin Half Dollars

90 Bag of mangled coins – (4) Silver Dollars, (1) Silver Eagle, (1) Seated Half

AND MORE...................TO BE ADDED!